On a recent trip to Arizona, I stumbled across the following sign:

Do not feed the coyotes
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Obviously, out West where coyotes roam free, this would be a concern. If you were to feed the coyotes, they would increasingly encroach into human space, causing conflicts. And as with most conflicts with wildlife predators, no one would truly win.

However, I found the sign very appealing, as it gets the message across in a very simple and straightforward way. And, the stylized cookie – with a bite out of it – is classic. So, I just had to convert the photo into a vector image and PDF, so that everyone who wanted on could print out their own copy and post it. I think it would be particularly appropriate to post on grocery store bulletin boards and inside apartment buildings. Then, of course, I had to parody them.

You can see the entire “comic strip” in the Flickr set here .