In 2010, I began using a presentation style that combines my nature photography with my presentations. This serves several purposes. First, it means that I no longer have to look for and track permissions and licensing of online materials. Second, I’ve found that audiences pay a lot more attention to the information that I am conveying instead of getting distracted reading slides and handouts. Lastly, it makes it easier to connect with the audience as a person, as I am sharing more than just my professional knowledge with others.

This presentation is much like the Natural PCI presentation, but focused on HIPAA. It was originally aimed at the managers of resident homes and discusses the regulation and suggestions to simplify compliance. After an introductory section, I review the basic layout of the standard and step through each section discussing what it means. It is rather surface-level and generally shies away from being sales-focused.

The presentation itself is available as 2011-NaturalHIPAA. To view it properly, you will need Open Office or Libre Office. It can be opened in the latest version of PowerPoint, but animations and layout may be less than ideal.

My presentations are increasingly visual, so for a more complete view of the information conveyed, please see the “notes” section.

Also, please note that my photographs are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND, so you may only use them non-commercially and only if you provide credit to me and leave them unaltered. If you wish to use them commercially, please contact me.