Sometimes presentations just don’t work out the way you think they will. This is probably the least well-received presentation I have done in recent memory. The target audience was telephone companies who had become Internet Service Providers (ISPs) several years ago. Looking at when this started, I figured that using a reference to the beginnings of the Internet would go over well.

It didn’t.

The fundamental issue is that if you make a reference that no one gets, the entire presentation is poorly accepted. I had thought that most of the audience would recognize the neko cats, and that they would well-represent packets and malicious attacks. I was wrong. I learned from this, and the presentations from here on tend to use more universal themes.

The presentation itself is available as 2010-Telcos. To view it properly, you will need Open Office or Libre Office. It can be opened in the latest version of PowerPoint, but animations and layout may be less than ideal.

My presentations are increasingly visual, so for a more complete view of the information conveyed, please see the “notes” section.