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  • Steve


    I dont totally agree with your comment. Becoming familiar with ITIL should not be confined to those in charge of integrating IT with the business. The approach reccommended by ITIL is one of ensuring that senior management have an understanding and ‘buy-in’ and endorse the approach. Secondly depending on the position within the organization individuals can obtain an overview of ITIL provided by the ‘ITIL Foundation’ or entry level course, the next level are ‘Intermediate’ courses, some will be available in October and then the remainder in January 2009. For those organizations in a hurry the ITIL Version 2 Practitioner courses are still availabe and cater for areas such as the ‘Service Desk’, Change and Configuration Management and so forth. Finally the there will be an Expert course but that is still being developed. Once again the ITIL V2 Managers course is still available. So contrary to your suggestion of ‘hold this one till later’, I suggest obtain the knowledge and make a difference to both your own working environment and your organization. Apologies for dampening your fireworks. [email protected]

    July 07, 2008

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